Sunshine State Digital Network

Sharing Florida’s rich history and culture. Exploring stories from the Sunshine State.

Uncover photos, maps, books, artifacts, oral histories and more from libraries, archives, museums, and historical societies across the state. Find free local, state, national, and international resources related to Florida and beyond.

Sunshine State Digital Network highlights include:

  • Maps

    Maps of the state and local communities.

  • The Caribbean

    Caribbean culture has helped shaped Florida’s history, culture, and cuisine. Find cultural and historical materials pertaining to the Caribbean region.

  • Civil and Human Rights

    Being on the cusp of the American South as well as a vibrant cultural melting pot, Florida’s civil and human rights movements have connected Floridians from all walks of life.

  • The Environment

    Florida has always been known for its unique flora and fauna. Various environmental movements have occurred to help protect Florida’s unique ecosystem.

  • Tourism

    From theme parks to beaches and everything in between, Florida’s economy and history have been shaped by the millions of visitors we welcome every year. Explore the past and present of tourism in Florida, the Sunshine State.

  • Agriculture

    With a year-round temperate climate and large swaths of fertile land, Florida has been helping to feed the United States for centuries. Discover more about Florida’s diverse agricultural history.

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